Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cupcake Graveyard

One of the things I actually did end up making for my sister's massive Halloween party was cupcakes. I came across this idea from Allrecipes for a Cupcake Graveyard, so I followed this idea for the decorations. I was experimenting, so I tried both Pioneer Woman's Sticky Chocolate Icing, and the Chocolate Chip Icing in my mom's recipe book. The former was AMAZING, but the latter was not a great consistency until I added quite a bit of melted chocolate, butter, milk and powdered sugar, thus totally altering the recipe. So I will not post that recipe for you.

I went WAY overboard on the number of cupcakes and cookies (some were made into ghosts and pumpkins too) I made. The photos linked here are just a small portion of the huge number I made. I also got a new set of pastry decorating tips and bags so I had a bit too much fun with frosting at 3 AM!!!!

I made both chocolate and yellow cupcakes. Because I was making these along with texas sheet cake, pumpkin bars, and all of the decorating and cookie cutting, I thought this would be a great chance to use the cake mixes languishing at the back of my cupboard (hopefully for the last time).

I used the Triple Chocolate Chunk cake mix from Betty Crocker which was quite good. I also used a Betty Crocker Butter Yellow cake mix which was not my favorite (I don't tend to like cake mixes that use butter). I used sugar cookie dough that I had frozen from a few weeks before. I simply let the dough warm up a bit in the fridge, and then used a knife to cut out the tombstones. I also had some pumpkin shaped, orange York peppermint patties which I used to top some of the cupcakes with the Sticky Chocolate Icing. That was a delicious combo.

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