Thursday, May 5, 2011

recent endeavors

At first I thought this was not as good as mom's tried and true. But a day in the fridge allowed the flavors to blend and it got so unbelievable moist. I used nearly 4 bananas. Mine could have used a day or so to get even riper though (were as speckled as the ones in the picture).

Greek Yogurt Frosting:

Had to add some butter and powdered sugar. Eventually got it right, but if you are going for frosting, just do cream cheese (Ina Garten's from Carrot and Pineapple Cake is awesome).

Also, that is the best carrot cake recipe. Tried to use the 101cookbooks recipe, but let's be honest, cake without sugar is just not worth it. Had to add sugar, oil and carrots till the batter achieved near Ina quality.

2-3 tbls milk, 1 tsp oil, and 1 tsp baking powder in the kiss cookie dough recipe to make it safe. Excellent taste but cookies just the teeniest bit flat.

2-3 tbls milk, 1 tbls butter, 2 tsp just whites in the toll house choc. chip cookie dough batter. Excellent taste but cookies just the teeniest bit flat.

Cake balls are not worth it unless you had a failure (if your cupcakes or brownies are not moist enough).

Cookie dough cupcakes I thought at first were bad (when straight out of the oven) but turns out once cooled in the fridge so the cookie dough achieves cookie dough texture, it is quite a neat surprise (I did the PB dough in a yellow cupcake).

Tasty Kitchen's "that's the best frosting you'd ever had" is SO not. Too much like whipped cream consistency.

Pioneer Woman's brownies from the salted caramel brownie are not as good as a box mix (I've switched to Ghiradelli because no partially hydrogenated oil, but honestly these are not as good as betty crocker's triple chocolate chunk brownies).

Nutella brownies were easy but not great.

German chocolate frosting
is amazing.

Cake batter mixed with ice cream == heaven.