Thursday, October 21, 2010

About the Cooking Addict

I have a cooking addiction. I am constantly planning what to cook, reading new recipes, and cooking them! I have to force myself not to cook or read or think about cooking when I should be doing other things (like research for my PhD)!! I have a husband who thankfully has a very fast metabolism, loves to eat, and indulges my cooking adventures. I secretly (OK not so secretly) have a pipe dream to run my own bakery or catering business someday.

I created this blog JUST FOR MYSELF. I realized I was trying and saving TONS of recipes, without keeping track of which were to die for, good, or not worth making again. Plus, I must amend almost every recipe I try, and I was losing all of these important amendments, additions, and notes in my head.

So, this blog will recount the good, the bad, and the ugly of my cooking adventures. The hope is that if I ever follow my pipe dream, I will have a set of recipes perfected. If I don't follow this dream, the goal is that when I am a busy mom someday (someday far away don't worry!) I will be as lightning fast AND delicious as my own mother in the kitchen. Finally, I hope that writing about my crazy cooking addiction will force me to realize just how out of control it is!!

I occasionally do some other things besides cook. I spend my time:
  • Working on my PhD,
  • Spoiling my nieces and nephews like a good aunt should,
  • Exercising (I also have a mild running and soccer addiction),
  • Volunteering,
  • And babying my dog in an attempt to make it up to him that we live in an apartment and kidnapped him from a farm when he was a puppy.

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