Friday, March 16, 2012

Frosted Oreo Brownie Pie

With my husband home on spring break and lots of recent family gatherings, I have a few new recipes to share before I forget what I did!:
The first:
Frosted Oreo Brownie Pie
A) I used this Oreo crust recipe.
I made 1.5 times the crust recipe, and used a 9" in pie plate + 1 cupcake to bake these in (that way my husband and I got to try these the night before!!!)
B) I used the Betty Crocker Brownie mix with the syrup pouch. I also added a bit more (maybe around 2 tbls. ?? Hershey's syrup), and a few handfuls of chopped semi-sweet chocolate chips (mini would have been perfect) folded into the batter.
C) I layered half the batter into the pans, and then spread about 5 crushed Oreos over the batter, topped with the remaining batter, and baked until a toothpick barely came clean (no idea how long this was!)
D) I put a thin layer of this buttercream, a new favorite, on top of the brownies the same night they were baked. The frosting was quickly melting so I covered up the brownies, and made a nice, thin smooth layer of frosting on top the next day.

It was absolutely sinful (maybe the wrong dessert for a confirmation dinner??) and delicious! But it was super rich, so it is best enjoyed with a scoop of ice cream.

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