Thursday, June 9, 2011

Melted Ice Cream Cupcake Contest -- the extended version

In one of my many recipe-related quests through several of my favorite recipe blogs, I stumbled upon an ice cream cupcake contest, posted on The Cupcake Project and Scoopalicious.

The contest requires submitting a recipe and photo of an original ice cream cupcake. This contest had the potential to involve so many of my favorite things AND did not require going anywhere to submit it! This was enough to inspire me to both spend a full night in the kitchen experimenting to find the perfect concoction for my entry. I also decided to finally make my blog public so that I can submit a full blog post detailing the endeavor, rather than just a final photo and recipe.

As has been the case with many of my recent baking nights, I went a bit overboard. I won't beleaguer you with all of the details, but just to give you an idea, chocolate cupcakes from a mix, peanut butter safe-to-eat-raw cookie dough, chocolate cake batter ice cream, and various mix ins for the cookie dough were all "cut" from my final cupcake.

Unfortunately, all of this tasting left me and my taste tester/photographer/husband too full to finish one of the final products on the night I made them. Actually, these cupcakes are so full of all of my favorite dessert items that even on an empty stomach I would recommend sharing (it is really about 3 servings of dessert jammed into one).

Another unfortunate mishap is that work obligations meant that I only had free time for a baking frenzy on a 96 degree day! We only have one window AC in our 2 bedroom apartment at this point. It is in the dog's room (where we leave him when we go to work--talk about spoiled), not the kitchen. 96 degrees + no AC + baking at 350 degrees makes ice cream photos a near impossibility. So the final submission photo is actually from a few days later, once the ice cream had time to fully harden in the freezer, and my kitchen cooled off.

I love all things uncooked-give me a taste of any dough or batter and I am in heaven. I am not afraid of raw eggs, but for the sake of food safety nuts who might want to try this recipe, the only component of this recipe with eggs is the fully cooked Texas Sheet Cake at the bottom. Now, to spare the readers of The Cupcake Project who just want to see the cupcake photos and recipe, I posted the recipes, most of the photos, and my official entry in a separate post.

However, to get you to click onto this next post, here is a glimpse of what's in store:

On top of the Texas sheet cake and accompanying frosting is a layer of macadamia nut-butterscotch cookie dough. This is topped with cake batter rainbow sprinkle ice cream, and finished off with a home made chocolate sauce. Oh, and last but not least, this was all contained in an edible chocolate wrapper that was also quite problematic in the sauna that was my kitchen.

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